Victims of school twilight

lovely, earlier branches,
The pride and happiness of the earth,
Little children, sad little children,
ABOUT, why did you leave?
Duma confuse cherished
Your unheard groan.
How a newspaper leaves
Lie obscure names!..
lips, Now numb,
whispered to: “Not that…”
death trust, courageous,
What made you, what?
Does doom terror unexpected,
Soul light a question,
L unprecedented feats thirst,
Or foreboding thunderstorms, –
Sleep in a quiet enchanting!
good Death – the shearing!
Remember you on piruyuschem,
Rapidly-mighty fire.
– Does the death of right-reaching?
Forever to be dark?
It will learn to come,
We know this – not given.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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