eyes closed – just no other way…

eyes closed – just no other way –
(otherwise – must not!) eyes closed
to the former (than to trample on the grass –
The thicker the only!), but waiting – to tomorrow!
Not already waiting: death, I have
Not waiting until tomorrow…

So, deep down the curtain,
eyes closed, the curtain on the play:
over the place, by which – broom…
(A head, like a room – light!)
On his head –
– that poprostu – the world

eyes closed, and closing, and squeezing –
The whole being in the ribs, shoulder, a sleeve
– As violinist shall never forget how! –
The familiar, deep collarbone –
In the hot key, word of mouth and live –
What we water – expensive – key.

September 1932

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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