A meeting (1910 g)

…”there are occasional meetings”…
Letters from dear

gasnul evening, we Affection
This first spring warmth.
I was anxious lively Arbat;
Good wind with sympathetic affection
We touched the wing of a tired.
In our souls, educated tale,
She cried quietly sadness of the past.

He passed – so suddenly! so quickly! –
the, who have helped throughout the first.
A series of far inconsolably
Lantern radiant point
They lit up the darkness through the light…
Everything was bought flowers;
We bought a bunch of… For what?

In the sky violet-crimson
Quiet vyanul unknown garden.
How to escape from anxiety belated?
all returned. At the moment you? For many eh?
We stared wordlessly at sunset,
And we nodded thoughtful Gogol
On the podium, how bitter brother.

March 1910

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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