Will the moon

We go out of the dining room
The same step, like yesterday:
In the hall-purple cloudy
inconsolable pm!
Here in the shade of old all,
Woe to lay everywhere,
But while the shutters are open,
It will be cloudy, light.
Throughout weasel light dust.
(that obedient? What sweeter?)
They, departed, loved
Draw little hand in it.
These small ruchonok
Waiting for the piano and mirrors.
There was a grand piano once call!
Hall joyful bыla!
Chandelier, keys – still ringing,
Carried away by their game…
He slammed the shutters – darkened,
closes second…
Who is it whispers barely?
Or in the house is not dead?
This stream pours into the gap
Lunar magic night.
In the mirrors in the moonlight
Alive Again fire pupils,
And the real park
After ostыvshih bashmachkov.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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