silhouette station

I do not know you and do not want
Lose, having learned, illusions star.
With such a person, and in the worst depths
Are committed ray.

Everyone has, marked by fate,
Such closed face.
You unread page
AND, not, not become work!

With such a person a slave? ABOUT, not!
And there is no random error.
I know: Many will be a mystery
Your look and slim silhouette,

Hair heavy ring
From under the scarf thrown over
(You walked used guitar or harp)
And your pale face.

I do not know you. May be
And you all kindly-middleweight…
Even so! Let it be nonsense!
After all, only you can live fantasies!

May be, day near,
I'll understand everything, that unsightly…
but mistakes – so it is encouraging!
but to make a mistake – so easy!

Slightly behind scarf holding hand,
There, where whistles buzzing with alarm,
Were you a mystery strict.
I will remember you – such.

Sevastopol. Easter, 1909

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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