In the room

The world is night vision
we, children, today kings.
Down long shadows,
Burn outside lights,
Darkens the high hall,
Leaving a mirror…
No vague! minutes created!
Oh, someone's coming out of the corner.
The two of us over the dark Royale
persuade, and kradetsya horror.
Bundled up her mother's shawl,
paler, We do not dare to breathe.
We will see, that is happening now
Under the cover of darkness, the enemy?
darker, than before, their faces, –
Again we are the winners!
We mysterious chain links,
We spirit in the struggle not to fall,
Last close battles,
And the power of the dark will end.
We despised for senior,
What are boring and prosty their days…
We know, we know a lot
Togo, that they do not know!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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