In Paris

Home to the stars, and the sky below,
Land in a daze him close.
In a large and joyful Paris
All the same secret longing.

Noisy evening boulevards,
The last ray of dawn faded,
Everywhere, everywhere all couples, vapor,
Quivering lips and daring eye.

I'm alone here. By the trunk of a chestnut
Cling so sweet head!
And in my heart weeps verse Rostand
As there, to leave Moscow.

Paris at night is alien to me and miserable,
More expensive than the old heart of delirium!
I am going home, there is sadness violets
And someone's affectionate portrait.

There's someone look sad and brotherly.
There's a gentle profile on the wall.
Rostand and the martyr Reichstadt
And Sarah – All come in a dream!

In a large and joyful Paris
I dream of grass, clouds,
And then laugh, and shade closer,
And the pain is deep as before.

Paris, June 1909

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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