The Kremlin

There, where a million stars-gravelights
Burn before the face of antiquity,
Where the heart is sweet ringing of the evening,
Where the tower to the sky in love;
There, wherein the shade air folds
Transparent white wandering dreams –
I understood the meaning of past puzzles,
I became an attorney moon.

delirious, with shortness of breath,
I still wanted to know, to the bottom:
How mysterious suffering
The queen of the sky betrayed
And why a century-old building
So dearly cling, always alone…
What on earth is called Devotion, –
I told all the moon.

The embroidered silk bedspreads,
In windows the gloomy palaces,
I saw the queens tired,
In the eyes of someone stood silent cry.
I saw, as in the old fairy tales,
swords, crown and the ancient coat of arms,
And someone's child, children's little eyes
other world, that pours a magic sickle.

ABOUT, How many eyes of these windows
Looked after him wistfully,
And how much of it is carried away
There, where joy and peace!
I saw pale nuns,
Earth outcast children,
And in their prayers reserved
I caught the fire of passion.
I'm guessing in walks views:
– “I want to live!.. What do I want God?”
And in the folds of mourning dresses
By reaching the moon, long sigh.

Tell, moon, for which he suffered
They captured their Svetlitsa?
What to please die
Slaves with the souls of the Queens,
That of the deaf opochivalen
Torn in green field?
– And the moon is sad answer
Within the walls of the Kremlin surly.

Autumn 1908, Moscow

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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