In a strange camp

“Yes, for you our life
really in the fog”.
Talk on December 20, 1909 r.

Brother, you brothers, not, no brothers!
We came out of the darkness, left in the fog…
For us crazy arms
Another unknown dope.

As long as you're next – laughter and jokes,
But just umolknuli steps,
Already your voice strangely creepy,
And feels the heart: you enemies.

Strong in all, haughty even,
changing forever, they, not this –
In bright light, we guard,
But we are powerless – In the dark!

We waltz and evening – all worries,
In our eternal happiness is torn thread…
The inevitable can not,
Nothing can divert!

the book Longing, external smell,
Orchestra singing away –
And we, with a sigh, dark paws,
burn, yearning, ships.

but know: in a moment, when without power
And we would find a hell of passion,
Because we whisper: “Sweet!”
What is pink sunset.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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