hush, thank you!..

hush, thank you!
The door does not slam,
Angle – and elbow.

Sutoloch, Stop!
Heart, uymis!
Cubit – and forehead.
Cubit – and thought.

Youth – be in love,
Old age – warm:
Once – be,
nowhere to go.

If only Zacuto –
Only without the other!
cranes – flow,
Chairs – rumble,

mouths speak:
Porridge in the mouth
Thank you
“for beauty”.

you would know,
Near and far,
As head
Self-pity me –

God in the horde!
Steppe – casemate –
Paradise – where is it
Do not speak!

Yubochnyk – yahoo –
Shopkeeper – particular!
God me – the
Will be, who will give me

– time not!
days are numbered! –
for silence –
four walls.

Paris, 26 January 1926

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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