Canteen, four times a day
Mirish a moment around each other alien.
Where you talk about the most boring needs,
the silent, who say laziness.

increasingly unstable, unfriendly, unbreakable,
cymbals clatter… short conversation:
– “Wanted at seven she come to the rink?”
– “Not, nine”, – answer housekeeper.

Call. – “we have: had left, tell!”
– “Today we dine without light”…
Once again silence, not waiting for an answer;
Lead the conversation with forks knives.

– “It's over? Anuta, nA dish!”
Hostile tone in a low voice,
And look, as wall clocks
One other catch up arrow.

dropping chair… hurry steps…
goodbye, of the world because of a bowl of soup!
Thanks for propitanye Scoop
And again diverge – before dinner enemies.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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