Будь готов! – Vladimir Mayakovsky

Assured by a fool:
We don't care about the Ruhr.
Because of the Germans,
for the Germans
Russians don't break their foreheads.
what, breakwater, England -
over the sea,
we have little grief from her!
Let be, breakwater, pret
to Afghanistan:
I will not worry.
These speeches
the, who is stupid.
who is smart,
looks deep.
If where Hughes crawls,
wind yourself on us,
and Curzon led his hand,
wind another on the mustache.
And on the third
(if there is)
wind up news about Poland.
happy to throw,
but we look behind the enemy.
Is it not hidden behind the back
one or the other.
The bourgeois,
in French,
well-belly -
you won't be full, you won't be naked.
Pulls them
and to our throats.
lie on the stove at home?
dissipate our drowsiness.
и где
and how it flows -
register everything!
In our
military newspaper
browse all pages.
I warm up to a hundred colds:
stay on guard -
be ready!

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Marina Tsvetaeva