I do not regret, no pain, I do not cry - Yesenin

I do not regret, no pain, I'm not crying,
All will pass, both with white apple smoke.
Withering gold seized,
I am no longer young.

You're not so shalt beat,
Heart, touched by the chill,
And the country birch calico
Do not tempt wander barefoot.

spirit hobo! you're less likely to, rarely
Rasshevelivaesh flame mouth
Oh, my lost the freshness,
Riot of the eye and flood the senses.

I am now in a desire to become meaner,
My life? Or you had a dream about me?
Like I spring echoing ranyu
I rode on a pink horse.

We all, we are all in this world is perishable,
Quietly flows Copper leaves ...
Be thou ever blessed,
That came to bloom and die.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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