As the law pigeon vymaryvaya…

As the law pigeon vymaryvaya, —
Hand cramp not cramped, —
What happened: overseas haze
Russian glow blossomed here.
Two its wings - but ev above Avon -
……….. Frayed love ...
That the right of a, that of the left -
The same blood was shed ...
Two wings of the Orthodox triptych -
………….. Intermedia two of them -
And we do not understand anything dadeno,
Pigeon love okromya ...
Oh, you're right to left two mittens!
The same coat you knitted into a ball!
a bold word: companions
It replaces the old profit: pigeon.
Pobratavshys da lion s right,
Rise - all Tamerlane to sadness!
The sores, in ulcer, in leprosy - justified,
For it is and will remain - Russia.

13 Martha 1921

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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