Chelyuskinites! Sound –
How tight jaw.
of them rushing Frost,
Bear one scheritsya.

Indeed chelyustmi
– On the world-wide fame –
From ice floes jaws
comrades snatched!

on an ice floe (not that
what – the devil – Nobile!)
Did you give birth – ditjo
And dogs are not ruined –

on an ice floe!
He communicates by cable:
– On the ice outrage
Neither dog is not left!

And rescuing – dream
For younger! –
And dogs and child
They sped away through the air.

– “Europe, you look?
So we are pricked ice!”
chubby baby,
swaddled – pole!

And next – angry
Thunder Victoria –
The second is Schmidt
In Russian history,:

gray brovmi
anguish affection…
Today – laughing!
Today – to health

Soviet Union!
For you every muscle
kept – and proud:
Chelyuskinites – Russian!

3 September 1934

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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