Holy eh you, Or Not your sinful,
Enter into life, il your way back, –
ABOUT, only love, I love him dearly!
as a boy, cradled on his chest,
Do not forget, that caress the dream is more necessary,
And suddenly from sleep hug do not wake.

Be always with him: let loyalty teach
You his grief and gentle eyes.
Be always with him: His doubts torment,
Touch his sisters traffic.
But, if sinless dreams bored,
Manage to ignite a monstrous fire!

With anyone without exchanging a nod bravely,
In itself the longing of the past cast a sleep.
Whether that he, who to be I do not dare:
His dreams do not fear ruin!
Whether that he, whom I have not been able to:
Love without action until the end of love!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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