but love

Did not love, but cried. No, did not love, but still
You just pointed out in the shade of an adorable face.
It was all in our sleep does not seem to love:
no reasons, any evidence.

Only this way we nod from the evening hall,
Only we – you and me – They brought him a plaintive verse.
Adoration of the thread we are strongly connected,
The love – other.

But the rush is over, and gently approached someone,
Who could not pray, but I loved. Do not rush to condemn!
You remembered me going, as the most delicate note
The awakening of the soul.

In this sad soul you walked, in the unlocked house.
(In our house, spring…) Zabyvshey I do not call!
All your moments, I filled thee, Besides
very sad – love.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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