Branch of Palestine - Lermontov

Tell me, Palestine branch:
Where did you grow, where you blooming?
some hills, some valley
You decoration was?

Lee pure waters of the Jordan
East beam you caressed,
Night if the wind in the mountains of Lebanon
You angrily ruffled?

Eh prayer quiet read
Or sing old songs,
When your sheets wove
Soliman poor children?1

And palm trees that eh still alive?
All the same eh lures in the summer heat
She passer in the desert
deciduous head?

Or in separation desolate
she faded, just like you,
And the earthly dust falls greedily
On yellowed sheets?..

Tell: nabozhnoy hand
Who has brought you to this land?
Sad it is often over thee?
Keep track of you bitter tears?

Ile, God rati best warrior,
He was, with cloudless brow,
How do you, always worthy of heaven
In front of people and deity?..

Care of the secret stored
Before the icon of the golden
you stand, of Jerusalem branch,
Shrines correct time!

transparent twilight, beam lamps,
Ark and the cross, a symbol of the Holy ...
Everything is full of peace and joy
Around you and above you.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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