Night - Lermontov

The iron sad watchman beats,
One I give ear. muffled bark
dog away. gloomy vault
heaven, and run through the clouds
One after the other in silence,
Mingling under the night mist.
Shake the wet wind, stuffy
Riding trees, and howling, he
He knocks on the window-sill. I'm bored,
I hard Vigil, a nightmare;
I do not want, to dreams
Her features appeared to me;
No, I'm not a slave to my dream,
I am unable to move the torment
deep thoughts, heart wounds,
All, - not only her cheating.
I will not say "sorry" hope,
I do not believe the rumor; unless he first
She could love me,
Whether you can change it?
But why? Is not present
examples, first lesson Do
In the light given me now?
As I have forgotten, how lonely.
forests, sounds the same, night wind,
Play freely in the sky
And refresh my chest and eyes.
The chest fire, tears in eyes,
For a long time without food, this flame,
And the tears fall on the stone.

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