Dead Man's Love - Lermontov

Start up the cold ground
I filled,
About one! Is always, always with you
my soul.
Love mad longing,
tenant graves,
In a country of peace and oblivion
I have not forgotten.

No fear in the last hour of flour
Light cast off,
Joy was waiting for me at the separation -
separation there.
I saw the beauty of disembodied
And toskoval,
What is your image in terms of the heavenly
I did not recognize.

What I the radiance of God's power
And heaven holy?
I suffered earthly passions
There with a.
I caress dream home
everywhere one;
I wish, crying and jealous,
As in the old days.

Touch eh alien breath
your cheeks,
My soul is in silent suffering
All tremble.
l happen, whisper falling asleep
You are about another,
Your words flow blazing
For me fire.

You should not love another,
No, should not,
you're Dead, sacred words,
Alas, your fear, your molenya
To which one?
You know, peace and oblivion
I do not need!

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