Two falcons - Lermontov

Steppe blue stretched
Near the coast of the Azov;
West gas, and night descended;
Whirlwind slid between the hills.
AND, tryahnuvshis, in a wild field
Gray Falcon sat quietly;
And to him with an answering cry
arrow brother arrived.
"Brother, my boy, what you see?
Tell me as quickly as possible ".
- Brother! I hate the light
And ruthless men.
"What did you see there evil?»
- A pile of stone hearts:
Virgin laughter longing sweet,
For children tyrant father.
Virgin tears flour truthful
having fun, as a game;
And at the feet of selfish
Die young men crowd!..
my boy, my boy! You have seen well?
Tell me more soon!
"Light and I hated
And changing people.
Nosheyu deceptions hidden
Youth there crestfallen;
recollections poisonous
Old age is full of grim.
Pride, believe you me, beautiful
sometimes forgotten;
But the betrayal of the Virgin passionate
A knife to the heart a century!..»

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