Confusion – Korney Chukovsky

Kittens meowed:
“We’re tired of meowing!
We want, как поросята,

And behind them are the ducklings:
"We do not want to quack anymore!
We want, like frogs,
To croak!»

The pigs meowed:
Meow, meow!

Kitties grunt:
Oink, Oink, Oink!

The ducks croaked:
Kwa, kva, kva!

Chickens quacked:
Krya, krya, krya!

Sparrows jumped
And the cow moaned:

The bear came running
And let's roar:
And a cuckoo on a bitch:
“I don’t want to shout kuku,
I bark at the dog:
Gav, Handcuffs, Handcuffs!»

Only zainka
There was a goody:
He didn't meow
And he did not grunt -
He was lying under the cabbage,
Babbled like a hare
And foolish animals

"Who is commanded to tweet -
Don't purr!
Who is commanded to purr -
Don't tweet!
No crow is a cow,
Do not fly frogs under the cloud!»

But funny animals -
Piglets, cubs -
They play more than ever,
They don't want to listen to the hare.
Fish walk in the field,
Toads fly across the sky,

Mouse cat caught,
They put in a mousetrap.

And foxes
Took matches,
We went to the blue sea,
The sea is blue lit.

The sea is burning with flames,
A whale ran out of the sea:
"Hey, firefighters, run!
Help, Help!»

Long, long crocodile
The blue sea was extinguished
Pies, and pancakes,
And dried mushrooms.

Two little chicks came running,
Watered from a barrel.

Two ruffs swam,
Watered from a bucket.

The frogs came running,
Watered from a tub.

Stew, extinguish - do not extinguish,
Fill in - do not fill.

Here the butterfly flew,
Waving her wings,
The sea began to die out -
And it went out.

The animals were glad!
Laughed and sang,
Flapped ears,
They stomped with their feet.

The geese started again
Shout like a goose:

Cats purred:

Birds chirped:

The horses were laughing:

The flies buzzed:

The frogs croak:

And the ducklings are quacking:

The piglets grunt:

Murochka cradling
My dear:

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