Letters to the wall - Brodsky

Save my shadow. I can not explain. Excuse.
It is necessary now. Save my shadow, Save.
For thy back silent running in the bushes.
I must go. You will remain after me.
Goodbye, wall. I went. Let bushes will dream.
Along asleep hospitals. moonlit. Like you.
I will try to perpetuate this evening in the chest.
Do not be angry with me. You need to have something behind.

Save my shadow. This title does not need to wash.
I still come here never die,
All the same, you'd never ask me: vernis.
If someone pressed against you, expensive wall, smile.
The man - a ball, and the soul - this thread, tell.
In fact, looking at you kid unknown.
Release - say - to rise above the green foliage.
You look at me, I'm falling headfirst.

Incoherence and Tuscany, darkness and tears in his eyes,
Abundance minutes away on sick leave hours.
floats tow. The void behind his stern.
Golden moon high above the brick prison.
I dedicate freedom loneliness near a wall.
I will make a wall of silence in the midst of the sound of steps.
I am writing on the wall, breathing hard in the dark:
I will make you forever baby curb.

I do not want to die. I can not stand the death of the mind.
Do not scare the kid. I'm afraid to plunge into darkness.
I do not want to leave, I do not want to die, I'm a fool,
I do not want, I do not want to sink into the consciousness into darkness.
only live, only live, propping up your cold shoulder.
Me neither, no other, neither love, to nobody, at anything.
only live, live only and do not care at all, forget.
I do not want to die. I can not kill myself.

So I okrikni. Master scream and curse.
So I okrikni. So easy to scare the kid.
So I okrikni. Not that I'll scream himself:
Hey, kid! - and immediately after the empty spaces will fly.
You're right: you need to have something behind.
Good, which now remain in the dark for me
not mute agent pigeon raincoat on his shoulder,
not the soul and not the flesh - only a shadow on your brick.

Insulator angst - or just a movement forward.
Overseer of love - or just my Russian people.
Good, it was found that, that you may make related.
Good, always still you, whom you put to death.
After you Prison. And for me - just a shadow on you.
Good, that creeps bright yellow dawn through pipe.
Good, that ends the night. The day.
Save my shadow.

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