I say, that we should leave - Brodsky

I say, that it is necessary to leave.
Yes, yes. Thank you. I'm going to.
Yes, yes. I understand. see off
It does not follow, and I do not get lost.
Brother, what you say-long journey.
Any nearby stop,
Brother, not, bespokoytes.Kak not something.
I do light, without luggage.
Yes, yes. Time to go. Thank you.
Yes, yes. It's time. And everyone understands.
Bezradostnuyu zymnyuyu zaryu
Above the trees home to raise.
Its end, I will not argue.
Palm to shake - and goodbye.
I recovered. I need to go.
Yes, yes. Thank you for parting.
Take me for home, taxi,
As if I remember address,
In umolkshie field I Carry.
I, Do you know, I am retiring from the homeland.
As if I'd forgotten the address:
K okošku zapotevšemu priniknu,
And over the river, he loved,
I burst into tears, and the boatman'll click.
Its end. Now I'm in no hurry.
You go back quietly, love of God,
I'll look up at the sky and breathe
Cold wind of another shore.
Well, that's a long-awaited move.
The executioners ago, without feeling sorrow.
When will enter the homeland of the entrance,
I gently sloping to the shore berths.

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