Rendezvous - Pasternak

Road snow cover everything,
Fill up the roof slope.
I'll go, I stretch my legs,
Behind the door you're standing.

One, coat autumn,
hatless, without Kahlo,
You fight with excitement
And sleet chew.

Trees and hedges
go the distance, in mglu.
One broad snowfall
You stand on the corner.

Flowing water with headscarf
After the sleeve in obšlag,
And drops of dew
Glitter in her hair.
And a strand of blond
illumined: face,
scarves, and figure,
And it paltetso.
Snow on eyelashes moist,
In your eyes longing,
And your whole appearance harmoniously
One piece.
As if iron,
Obmoknutym in antimony,
You were rifling
For my heart.
And it stuck forever
These traits of humility,
And because there is no case,
That the light of the hardness.
And because doubles
This whole night in the snow,
And draw the boundaries
Between us, I can not.
But who are we and where,
When all those years
remnant peresudы,
And we have in this world is not?

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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