Night - Pasternak

Going without delay
And melts night, until
Over the sleeping world pilot
He goes into the cloud.

He was lost in the fog,
Disappeared in his jet,
Becoming a cross on the fabric
And mark on the linen.

Under him night bars,
city ​​of strangers,
quarters, furnace,
stations, train.

Whole body on a cloud
Lies wing shadow.
wander, huddling together,
heavenly bodies.

And scary, terrible roll
Other some
unknown universes
Turned milky way.

In the boundless spaces
burn continents.
In the cellars and boiler
Do not sleep stokers.

In Paris, from under the roof
Venus or Mars
look, What the playbill
Announced a new farce.
Someone can not sleep
As far Perfectly
On the tiled
an old attic.
He looks at the planet,
As if the sky
It refers to the subject
His nightly cares.
Don't sleep, do not sleep, Work,
Do not interrupt work,
Don't sleep, fight with drowsiness,
As a pilot, like a star.
Don't sleep, do not sleep, painter,
Predavaysya not sleep.
You eternity hostage
At the time in captivity.

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