No one will be in the house - Pasternak

No one will be in the house,
Besides twilight. One
Winter day in a through opening
Nezadernutыh ​​curtains.

Only white wet clods
Quick promelk centrifugal.
only the roof, snow, Besides
Roofs and snow, no one.

Again zachertit frost,
Again Volodina me
Last year's gloom
And another case winter,
And again prick until now
untempered fault,
And the box of spider
Surrendering hunger wood.
But suddenly on the curtain
Invasion will run shivers.
Silence steps Meria,
You, as the future, will enter.
You show up at the door
In something white, without quirks,
In some of those really matters,
Flakes of which sew.

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