Hope childishly sweet breath - Pushkin

Hope childishly sweet breath,
When I believed I, that once the soul,
From tlenyya ubezhav, straying eternal,
And memory, and love in the depths of the infinite, —
I swear! I would have long since left this world:
I would have broken life, ugly idol,
And he flew to freedom, delights,
To the country, where there is no death, where there is no predrassuzhdeny,
Where one thought swims in heavenly purity ...

But in vain surrender deceptive dream;
My mind persists, despises hope ...
Insignificance me beyond the grave awaits ...
how, nothing! no thought, no first love!
I'm scared!.. And life look sad again,
And I want to live long, so cute image for a long time
Hid and burned in my heart sad.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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