Russia - Block

You're in a dream is extraordinary.
Your clothes do not touch.
Dremlyu - and dremotoy secret,
And in secret - thou shalt sleep, Russia.

Russia, straddles the rivers
And Debra surrounded,
With the swamps and cranes,
And the cloudy eyes of the sorcerer,

Where a diverse nations
Through the length and breadth, the downturn in dol
Are nocturnal dances
Under the glow of burning villages.

Where nymphs with Soothsayer
Charuyut cereals in the fields,
And amuse witches with devils
In the road snow poles.

Where violently storm sweeps
Up to the roof - a fragile housing,
And the girl on the other evil
Under the snow sharpens lezvio.

Where are all the paths and all the crossroads
Live crutch exhausted,
And the whirlwind, whistling in the bare rods,
Singing legends of antiquity ...

So - I have learned in my slumber
Country darling poverty,
And flaps her rags
I hide the nakedness of the soul.

a path sad, night
I am cemeteries protoptal,
And there, spending the night in the cemetery,
Long song singing.

And he did not understand, not measured,
To whom I dedicated a song,
In what God passionately believed,
What girl loved.

Living soul seasick,
Russia, at its open spaces, you,
And so, it is not tarnished
original purity.

Dremlyu - and dremotoy secret,
And the secret rests Russ,
She is extraordinary in dreams.
Her clothes do not touch.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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