Twelve - Block


black night.
White snow.
Wind, wind!
On his feet is not a man standing.
Wind, wind -
The whole light of God!

curls wind
snow white.
Under the snow - crust of ice.
slippery, heavily,
every walker
Slides - ah, poor thing!

From building to building
stretch rope.
Channel - Poster:
"All power to the Constituent Assembly!»
The old woman is killed - crying,
Does not understand, What means,
What this poster,
Such an extensive flap?
No matter how many came footcloths for children,
And everyone - stripped, slurrying ...

old woman, like chicken,
Coy as the peremotnulas through the snow.
- Oh, Mother Patroness!
- Oh, The Bolsheviks will drive in the coffin!

wind biting!
Not far behind and frost!
And bourgeois at the crossroads
The collar hid his nose.

And who is this? - Long hair
And he says in a low voice:
- Traitors!
- Killed Russia!
must be, writer -
Vitia ...

And over and long-skirted -
Aside - for the snow ...
Chtó now cheerless,
fellow pop?

Do you remember, as it did
Belly went ahead,
And a cross was shining
Belly on the people?

Vaughn lady in Karakul
The other turned up:
- uzh we cried, cried ...
And - bang - stretched!

The moon, month!
Tyani, then increase!

wind cheerful
And angry, and work.
twirling skirts,
passersby squint,
tears, crumples and carries
large poster:
"All power to the Constituent Assembly," ...
And the word conveys:

... And we had a meeting ...
... Here in this building ...
... Discuss -
At the time - ten, ná night - twenty-five ...
... And less - or with whom we do not take ...
…Let's go to sleep…

Late evening.
deserted street.
one tramp
Yes wind whistles ...

Hey, poor fellow!
approaches -
Kissing ...

Of bread!
What Lies ahead?

Black, black sky.

malice, sad anger
Boils in the chest ...
black rage, holy anger ...

friend! Look
In both of!


The wind, snow flutters.
Go twelve.

Rifles black belts,
Circle - lights, lights, lights…

The teeth - cigarette, beaten down cap,
On the back of b should be the ace of diamonds!

Freedom, freedom,
Mother, source, without the cross!


Coldly, comrades, coldly!

- A Vanka with Katka - in the pub ...
- There she is, in her stocking kerenki!

- Vanya himself now the rich ...
- Was our Vanka, and I became a soldier!

- Well, Vanya, Son of a bitch, bourgeois,
my, try, kiss!

Freedom, freedom,
Mother, source, without the cross!
Katka with Vanka busy -
Than, what are you doing?..


Circle - lights, lights, lights…
Mantle - gun belt ...

Revolyutsonny keep step!
Tireless, the enemy!

friend, rifle hold, shake!
Fuel-ka puley a holy Rus -

In kondovuyu,
In izbyanuyu,
The fat-!

Mother, source, without the cross!


How to send our boys
The Red Guards to serve -
The Red Guards to serve -
Rampant head fold!

Oh you, mountain-hitter,
sweet habitation!
ragged coat,
Austrian gun!

We are on the mountain all bourgeois
World in Flames blow up,
World on fire in the blood -
Jesus, bless!


snow spins, scorcher shouts,
Vanka with Katka flies -
Elekstrichesky flashlight
In ohlobelkah ...
Brother, brother, Paddy!..

He is a soldier's overcoat
With the face of stupid
twists, turns black mustache,
Yes twirled,
Yes pošučivaet ...

That's Vanka - he broad-shouldered!
That's Vanka - he is eloquent!
Katka-hugging fool,
Zagovarivaet ...

She tilted her face,
Teeth shine zhemchugóm ...
Oh you, Katya, my Kate,
Tolstomordenkaya ...


On your neck, Katya,
The scar has not healed by the knife.
You have under the breast, Katya,
So fresh tsarapina!

Mother, source, poplyashy!
It hurts legs good!

The lace lingerie went -
Trekking-ka, trips!
With officers played the harlot -
Pobludi-ka, pobludi!

Mother, source, pobludi!
Heart jumped in my chest!

Do you remember, Katya, officer -
He has not left the knife ...
Al did not remember, cholera?
Ali's memory is not fresh?

Mother, source, refreshes,
Sleep with him, Put!

He wore gray leggings,
Chocolate Mignon jrala,
With Juncker went for a walk -
Since soldiers are now gone?

Mother, source, have sinned!
It will be easier for the soul!


... Again, it is rushing toward a gallop,
flies, vopit, shouts scorcher ...

Stay, stay! Andryukha, Help the!
Petrwxa, rear runs!..

Fucking, Tarara max max max max!
Vskrutilsya to the sky snow dust!..

Scorcher - and Vanka - heels ...
One more time! cock!..

Fuck-Tarara! You will know,
As the girl walks a stranger!..

feeling, sneaker! already, billeting,
An expandable tomorrow I'm with you!

And where Katka - Dead, dead!
shot in the head!

What Katka, council? - There is no gu-gu ...
you lie, postpone, on the snow!

Revolyutsonny keep step!
Tireless, the enemy!


And going back twelve,
Behind - ruzhetsa.
Only the poor killer
Can not see the face completely ...

Faster and faster
Utoraplivaet step.
He shook his scarf around his neck -
Not recover in any way ...

- What, friend, You're no fun?
- What, boyfriend, dumbfounded?
- What, Petrwxa, nose hung,
Katka or withheld?

- Oh, comrades, native,
This girl I loved ...
nighttime black, intoxicating
With this maid spent ...

- Due to the prowess Bedov
The fire her sight,
Because of the crimson birthmark
Near the right shoulder,
I ruined, goofy,
Lost in January sgoryacha ... ah!

- Look, stervec, zavel şarmanku,
What are you, Petka, Baba eh?
- Right, soul inside
even think to turn out? if you please!
- Support your posture!
- Over a hold control!

- Not this time now,
To babysit with you!
Heavier will be the burden of
Us, товарищ дорогой!

And Petro slows
Hurried footsteps ...

He head vskidavaet,
He cheered up again ...

Mother, Mother!
Fun is not a sin!

The stopper floors,
Today will be looting!

Unlocks the cellar -
now walks the poor!


Oh you, mountain-hitter!
boredom is boring,

Uzh I vremyachko
I spend, I spend ...

Uzh I temyachko
Pocheshu, pocheshu ...

Uzh I semyachki
Poluschu, poluschu ...

I uzh knife

you fly, bourgeois, sparrow!
drink krovushku
for zaznobushku,
Chernobrovushku ...

repose, Jesus, the soul of Thy servants ...



I can not hear the noise of the city,
Above the Neva Tower Silence,
And no longer a policeman -
play, guys, without wine!

Bourgeois stands at the crossroads
And hid his nose in the collar.
And next hair clinging tight
Tails between their legs mangy dog.

It should be a bourgeois, like a hungry dog,
It should be silent, as a matter of.
And the old world, as the dog rootless,
Behind it, tail between its legs.


Was played quite often lose something blizzard,
Oh, vyugá, Oh, vyugá!
Can not see each other very
In four of the steps!

Snow funnel zavilsya,
stolbushkoy snow rose ...

-Oh, what blizzard, spase!
- Petka! Hey, do not lie like a gas meter!
From what you forbid
Golden iconostasis?
you unconscious, right,
Ponder, think sensibly -
Ali hands in the blood
Due Katkinoy love?
- Step keep revolyutsonny!
Close the enemy restless!

Forward, forward, forward,
working people!


... And they go unnamed St.
All twelve - into the distance.
Ready for everything,
I regret nothing ...

Their vintovochkami steel
On the invisible enemy ...
The lanes deaf,
Where a dusty snowstorm ...
Yes drifts down -
Utyanesh not boot ...

In the eyes of the beats
Red flag.


Here - wake up
The worst enemy ...

And vyyugá pыlit their eyes
Days and Nights
Spring ...

Forward, forward,
working people!


... away are sovereign tread ...
- Who else is out there? come outside!
This is - the wind with a red flag
I broke out in front of ...

Ahead - the snow cold,
- Who in the snow - Exit!..
Only a beggar dog hungry
Hobbles behind ...

- Leave me alone you, scabby,
I tickle bayonet!
Old world, how lousy dog,
Provan - battered!

... showing his teeth - a hungry wolf -
Tail tucked - not far behind -
Cool dog - dog rootless ...
- Hey, Give voice, who goes?

- Who's waving a red flag?
- Ah look-ka, eka darkness!
- Who goes there cursory step,
Bury for all homes?

- Does not matter, you'll get,
It is better to surrender to me alive!
- Hey, friend, It is bad,
come outside, fire begin!

Fuck-max-max! - And only the echo
Responds in the houses ...
Only blizzard long laugh
Poured into the snow ...

Fuck-tah-tah ...

... So go with sovereign tread -
Behind - hungry dog,
Ahead - with a bloody flag,
And vyyugoy invisible,
And Puli unscathed,
Gentle gait nadvyuzhnoy,
Snow loose pearl,
The white crown of roses -
Leading the way - Jesus Christ.

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