Well done

Boris Pasternak –

“a game for your great,
for the joy of thy tender…”




Xin also sgin – near villages,
collapsed oak, cane intact.
The widow in that in difficult
Daughter Maroussia cheerful.

How to go from the yoke –
Church in the clink, guys in dispute.
Daughter Maroussia rumyanista –
Trinity itself discord!

Let go of me-ka, mother,
With her friends walk,
Lenka thin popryast,
your health porastryast.

Sleepy so very much
beneath this stone – ore!
– play, play, daughter,
While the young!

* * *

run Blonde,
run cool,
twisted silk –
My – cooler,
Yours – cooler,
In Maroussi – the coolest!

walk shibche,
go higher,
honey saturation –
My – above,
Yours – above,
In Maroussi – above all!

Our happiness –
Weave, spin,
Frets, a purse, yes to the expanse!
– walk more often! –
the door wide:
– Welcome-long live-walk!

That is my only weapon is not CSG,
So l do not zhhon,
That is my only weapon is not molodets-fire!

That is my only weapon is not zar,
That is my only weapon is not hacking,
That is my only weapon is not heat-fire – to a home!

On the circle bow,
Purse on the table,
of purse – penalty onslaught, rain:
– Grab at the hem!

– For sweet of strong
run, minor age!
Falcon, of spevku!
play, red girls!

Glass with edge poured,
Kumach heat burns,
Every man's head,
People shaft fells.

Are burning, bright,
Are burning, cooking,
Fever barhacheny –
My – hotter,
yours – hotter,
In Maroussi – hotter all!

knocking, loud,
thundering, calls,
Neuomchivye –
My – louder,
Your – louder,
In Maroussi – the loudest!

wipe, LYUBKA,
raspberry sponge!
Volyn, for pogudku!
Sokol, of dove!

With which of us forward
Alien molodets go?
Which of us forward
Sokol – hand will?

During that stretch,
That between blond – blonde,
Vkrug he obovyyusya,
That between Lube – Mary!

bottles, Masha,
bottles, voice,
To a nashenskomu –
My – beautiful,
Yours – beautiful,
And guest – beautiful all!

shivers, boards!
walk, fevers!
Warp your non!

under the – boards,

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