Sharmanka spring

– “Herr Vladimir, Looking into the notebook!”
– “Again you do not read, deceiver?
Погоди, do not dare to play
Nimmer mehr * that nasty grinder!”

Golden rays of day
Warm kindness warmed grass.
– “Ugly boy, teach the verbs!”
– ABOUT, it is difficult to study in April!..

leaning, Looking out the window
Governess in a purple cloak.
Fraulein Else ** sad today,
Though it wants to seem harsh.

In her last dreams svezhat
These responses are ancient tunes,
And long since tears trembling
Eyelashes patient Volodya.

clumsy tool, nekazist:
After a poor paid wallet!
All the wild: tenant-schoolboy,
I Nataša, Doric and with a shovel,

And peddler with a heavy tray,
That trades at the bottom of pies…
Fraulein Else covered with a handkerchief
And glasses, and under the eye glasses.

Do not go blind organ-grinder,
Light wind ranges curtain,
and replaced: “sing, birdie, sing”
Insolent challenge Toreador.

Fraulein crying: A thrilling game!
Boy drives a pen on pad.
– “Do not be sad, liber Boy *** – time to
We walk on Tverskoy Boulevard.

You exercise books and booklets hide!”
– “I ask candy Alyosha!
Fraulein Else, where little black ball?
where are my, Fraulein Else, kaloşi?”

Do not overpower anguish candy!
O great life bait!
In the yard without hope, endlessly
Mournfully playing hurdy-gurdy.

*Never (it.).
**lady Elsa (it.).
***Favorite boy (it.).

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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