RED AND BLUE * (Red and blue)

Girl in red and the girl in blue
At walked on garden.
– “know, Alina, we shall throw off her dress,
We will swim in the pond?”
Thin finger shaking,
Simply said, the girl in blue:
– “Mom said – must not”.

* * *

Girl in red and the girl in blue
In the evening we went along the boundaries.
– “want, Alina, all rushed, all kinema,
want, Uedem? Tell!”
Sigh through the vernal fog
Sad girl replied in blue:
– “fully! because life – not a novel”…

* * *

Woman in red and blue woman
They walked together along the avenue.
– “see, Alina, we bleknem, we styn, –
Captive in his happiness”…
With a half-smile of darkness
Bitter said the woman in the blue:
– “What? After all, we women!”

*Red and blue (fr.).

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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