I remember Tivoli *

The boy put his lips to gently flute,
Girl, cry, head dropped to his chest…
– Sad and cute! –
Sadly leans toward children centenary spruce.

Dark spruce in this life seen so much
too beautiful, with big eyes, children.
no way
They are in our lives. their happiness, their joy – in God.

The sea is blue in the distance, like a huge sapphire,
Children's cries are heard from a distant lawn,
In the air – seagull…
A boy plays, a girl friend in the whole world…

Clear reading in the coming, spruce them struck,
powerful, wise, Many al vydavshaya!
crying flute…
Girl, cry, head dropped to his chest.

Berlin, summer 1910

*Souvenir de Tivoli (ital.).

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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