different children

There are quiet children. Nap on the shoulder
In affectionate mother and their sweet day.
Their weak handles do not rush to the candle, –
They do not play with fire.

Have kids – as sparks: it is akin to the flame.
In vain they are taught: “After burns, do not touch!”
they are willful (because they spark!)
And feel free to grab the fire.

There are strange children: in their audacity and fear.
Cross themselves slowly Autumn,
fit, do not dare, pale in tears
And tears run from fire.

My dear! Was your judgment too sloppy:
“afraid of fire – so Gibney in the mist!”
Your accusations gnaw my heart
And the soul nor inclined to the ground.

There are strange children: their fears
They die in foggy days.
They do not have salvation. Think about it
And do not blame me too!

You're the soul for a long time I bent to the ground… –
My dear, I was so merciless thy judgment! –
But I heart your – and in the mist
“In just a few minutes of light!”

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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