your horse, like before, whirlwind rides
The park late at times…
But in the shadow of the heart, and the heart weeps,
My prince, my boy, my hero.

Whispers the voice of nameless:
– “Brother, oppression dreams – not carry!”
Before the eternal mystery of parting
receive, of Prince, forgive my.

The Son of God, these verses:
is he, the ever-bright, forever-young,
Bought immortality day of Calvary,
Thy Calvary was Schönbrunn.

I heard the call of God
Your christening bells…
I gave you – так много!
I gave too much!

Now, my spirit almost calm,
His reproach not confuse…
goodbye, longing struck warrior,
Eaglet wounded, goodbye!

You were my delirium light unwise,
you sleep, What will not be back…
goodbye, My Duke svetlokudry,
My great love!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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