Greetings from the wagon

Severe hum, as above – building,
The last time varies wagon,
Last time… We go… Goodbye,
My winter sleep!

My winter sleep, my dream to tears good,
I am blown away by your destiny.
so destined! I do not need any burden
On my way, no sleep.

By car noise sweet miracle of faith
And to the distant days, still hazy, swim.
The world is so wide! You will forget it
I can be?

Wagon darkness like shoulder presses,
In the window jet pours fog…
My distant friend, understand – All these speeches

The new edge? Everywhere struggle with boredom,
All the same laughter and glitter of the same star,
And there, like here, I will be sweet flour
Your quiet gesture.

9 June 1910

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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