Cossack, Tatar
Blood and milk of mares
steppe… Tobolsk, “City-Tsarstvuyusht
Siberia” – I forgot, what was the?

Planting a! a horse!
BUT? – high hat!
And under the heading shustrota something!
– With the delivery of tribute.

how – “beautiful nurse's tales
Country: that in heaven – in Perm…”
Cossacks zhenok smanennyh
They lost in the grain.

How on earth nepahannoe
On the river in the Tour
Monaco-to the Monk
In one monastery

save. Do not chicken –
November, girl waylaid
Monk. Intercession-Tushino
raised monastyrek

costs. (bony ministers
Push: where will you look?
The monastery is a mug
Went Grisha Rasputin.)

Cossacks something in severity
Keep? found lambs!
All magistrates are built,
A construction site – All-in series.

Are burning! woods, woods, Siberia-
new! blind Moscow-
Old! jumping lynx,
fox – for Protection –

tails – not just to
eatables, free people:
Yvanyschu Vasylychu
end, Stroganovs

At a glance filed.
Slice of day-to chёrn
As young women Po water –
thugs – of food.

In such a – “skin pulls off”
detour – “its, d…poppy!”
Samoperveyshym zhёrnovom
Ermak went to the bottom.

goodbye, housekeeping!
goodbye, beard!
goodbye, Silesia!
Petrova nests

Prepestrogo down,
Prevostryh claws
In the German Treukhov –
Matvey Gagarin.

The same eagle,
From the city three
Verstischi Tobol

Otvedshy and supremely
College of birds
For bribes dangling
Petrova Justice-
Collegium against.

Leaky's coat.
Sight – smertushki asks.
– Who? – Fed'ka-convict.

I was lying on the straw,
Kings do not reproach.
– Did not you Soimonov,
Saved the life of the king?

(With a torn nostril?)
– Doskazyvat, eh?
And referred to Anna
boil salt

The Okhotsk.
– coach!
wines forgiven.
Nostril – at least not this –
And the increment.

And every ravine
About the song sung:
As Fedka-Varnak
governor took

Shine. Clear-phenyl!
Siberian sun –
Chicherin Denis.

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