From the sea

On the North-South,
I know: nemozhno!
can – Kohl fit!
In some road,

– Vozduhokrutom,
Mchaschym schepu! –
Sleep three minutes
lasts. hurry.

With whom – and I will look! –
sleep. Three minutes.
The ocean –
Long – Moscow something!

Way – spare:
From his sleep
Jumped into your.

you Snyus. distinctly?
Hlyadko? Pochysche,
Than behind bars
Stamp? writing –

Stoyu? postal –
Stoyu? red?
I, not writing!

freestyle caesura
temper. Jumping from barges!
Chto uncensored –
Even without a brand!

all obegorya,
– cursive sleep! –
Here's to the sea –
instead of writing!

instead of cables.
Weight? Yes mercy!
Not so much weigh
All – even with a lyre

all, heart Cenci,
all, there with a.
Sleep, it is less
ten grams.

Every three Po –
Six (common dream).
Vidya, while watching:
not anonymous

Nose, tverdoznachen
Forehead, letters letter –
Five, Five no sdachy
The signature of the lips.

I – without opiski,
I – without blots.
Rose to the Alpine
Handful, that hibarka

Ha Sea, but to
The waves are kind.
But with the Ocean,
A handful of games.

A little-read pomalu, has been collected.
more played. Play – to be kind.
more played, and I took,
Sea teryalo, and I put

3a gate, za cheek, – terpene, morsko!
Mouth better box, if a handful
occupied. shaft, sounds, thank you!
muse lost, wave took.

crabs corals, read: shell.
more played, play – to be stupid.
Think – gray lock! –
clever. Let `s play!

In rakushki. Темп a petit navir'a *.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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