rooms attempt

Walls stagnation numbered
before me. But – ratchet? accident? –
I remember three walls.
For the fourth I can not vouch.

Who knows, back to the wall?
May be, but you can not

To be. And there was. muzzle. But
Not a wall behind – So..? All, what
not anything. dispatch “Bottom”,
The king abdicated. Not only with the email

news. urgent wire
Everywhere and otvsegda.

I am playing the piano? through.
blowing. Sailing walks. cotton wool –
Fingers. Sheet whirl up SONATINA.
(Do not forget, what do you want – ninth.)

For unprecedented that wall
I know the name: the back wall

for royalem. Still – table
writing, and more – instrument
Shaving (near the wall – reception –
this – made corridor

In the mirror. suffered – I looked.
Void portable chair).

A chair for all, who do not enter –
the door, – threshold sensitive to the soles!
so wall, from which you
Increased – hurried to the past –

Between us we have a paragraph
all. It grows like Danzas –

for Danzas – and,
called, elected, time, weighing,
(I know the name: range wall!)
Included in the room – not Dantes.

turnover head. – Ready?
So you ten stanzas.

Eye attack in the rear.
But, leaving discharge zaspinny,
ceiling significantly – It was.
does not persist: living room-like,

Maybe just a little squinting.
(Bayonet charge in the rear –
And now, the cerebellum
clutching. As a lump back clave.
That solid wall Checa,
And – sunrises, well – shootings

light: clearer, than shadows
gestures – in the back from behind.

the, What I do not understand: shooting.
But, leaving discharge zastenny,
Ceiling fairly intact
Was (yet to come – why should we

is he). The fourth wall will come back:
And, where, retreating, quake
“Well, and the floor –
Was? On anything but because it is necessary to train?..”
Was. – not vsem. – on the swing, the barrel,
the horse, channel, the Sabbath, –

All of us at “the svety”
Void sraschat heel
Floor – for legs.
– How to introduce people, how interspersed! –
So as not to drip – ceiling.
remember, old penalty – drop by drop

In the hour? Grass would not grow in the house –
Floor, the land would not be entered into the house –

all – topics – and who count
May no obstacle at night!
three walls, ceiling and floor.
All, as if? Now – yavlyaysya!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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