air poem

Well, that's couplet
elementary. the first nail.
The door is clearly subsided,
the door, followed by guest.
standing – so pine
At the entrance, ask widows –
It was full of rest,
as a guest, followed by a call
host, vigil
Master's. So to speak:
It was full of patience,
as a guest, followed by the sign
hostess – all darkness mark! –
And Molniya floor servants!
Alive or ghost –
as a guest, followed by the sound of
Solid, beyond their means
anyone's – that's why mrem –
heart landlady:
Birch trees under the ax.
(chopped box
Pandorin, casket worries!)
without number – incoming,
But who is without knocking – waiting for?
Confidence in hearing
And in time. Fell for Stan,
Confidence in the ear
reply. (Yours – in my.)
entry knowingly.
that sweet (Game in fear!)
a special kind
guy – with the key in hand.
Contempt for the senses,
Over the world men and women –
And the desert monastery,
gave – even ringing.
Soul without interlayer
feelings. naked, as the fellah.
The door did rack.
Does not the same for the ears?
As favnovy horns
get up. How ro – and… pli!
Another would be a little bit –
It is simply gone used to loop
The strength of the presence of
Zaspinnogo. In the hour of passion
Since veins are shaking,
Stretched over the entire
Opportunities. knocking
should not. Floor – floated.
Door rushed in hand.
darkness – little retreat.


complete naturalness.
proper. deadlock.
Stairs, as a ladder,
Time, how hour (night).
Along the wall flatness
Someone. Odyshav
garden, someone clearly
I concede step –
The full deity
night, full-length
heaven. (Similarly larches
Noise, Foam on the bridge…)
The complete unknown
Hour and country.
The complete invisibility
Even in the shade.
(Not black-black already
Night, black – black!
Skins rainbow
Cinnabar, carmine –
Rastsediv retina
Peace on this and your –
No more filthy
Oka – beauty.)
Sleep? But, best case scenario –
Syllable. And it? under him?
fancies? Give vslushayusy:
we, and one step!
And it is not paired, harmonious,
the, two orphans.
Single – each
Step – until the spirit:
My. (Not that, that the holes in them –
Shame, and here – sycamore!)
Something had to align:
Either you're an inch
reduce the, thinkers
all – all state!
Or – and heard:
Most do not sound.

Full srifmovannost.
Rhythm, my first time!
Columbus hello

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