stairs poem

short weasel
On the stairs, shaking.
short paint

Persons under zamazkoy.
short – fairy tale:
or tomorrow, no hello.

A short scramble
On the stairs, shaky,
On avid stairs.

In the House, which do not sleep at night,
Each staircase waterfall –

As from…
– The path of the leaves of cabbage!
Similarly, the entire staircase of the slopes,

Similarly, more than (chto – live! live – burn!)
Parting her, than meetings.

So, fall greedily to the pink lips –
We sometimes forget: Hello.
The same mouth leaving the Territory –
Who – when – I forgot: goodbye.

short joke
On the stairs sensitive,
On the stairs of beeps.

Of Sinful k sinfulness
On the stairs, hurried
Bread dneshney tenderness.

you know sermon
Those – places?
Who works –
the – is eating.

Road to the shops!
Tosch – adventurous.
You can sleep tomorrow,
There is a need now.

In the crush of life –
princely principle:
You can take tomorrow,
Post a need now.

gas explosion
Time. Yes, with.
who refused,
the – will.

will give!
(toothed Nыnche
Gas) because for us
– will give! – (the tiger and the leopard he)
– will give! – Heck, not Marx!

box weed,
tell, tell: nonsense.
And black
Stairs have carpet.

(suit team,
truth…) Garlic, cats, –
And black
Stairs has Coty.

Love sweets a
worm straitness!
it – classic:
loft – garlic.

It can be treated…
And for me – so revenge:
Chernotu zaesty.

Stihotvorets, bombist, thief –
One enemy we: mezzanine.

short collision of
On the stairs tweaks,
On the stairs of bulk –

as a fiddle, as the volcano,
As musical stack.
Works – ball!

short scolding
Slap on the stairs,
On the stairs of cotton.

To beat the living daylights out,
beat – in lozh.
Chto collect from us?
bit – beat.

Owner in his arms –
Stairs kapok,
Rickety stairs –

rushing folder,
rushing cap,
rushing violin.

– Oh, slept would have slept!
chew up, sgnoila, milled!
hurry coattails,
hurry coattails,

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