poem of the end


In nebe, rusty tin,
finger post.
I stood at the designated location,
As fate.

– bez quarter. Healthy?
– Death does not wait.
Preuvelichenno smoother
hats off.

Each eyelash – call.
Rot reduced.
Exaggeratedly low
I was bowing.

– bez quarter. accurate? –
voice lied.
heart sank: What about him?
Brain: signal!


Sky bad omens:
Rusted tin.
I am waiting in the usual place.
Time: six.

This kiss without sound:
lip tetanus.
So – Empress hand,
dead – So…

racing commoner
elbow – in the side.
Exaggeratedly tedious
howled horn.

howled, – like a dog, screamed,
lasted, furious.
(Exaggerated life
In the hour of death.)

Then, yesterday – waist-high,
Suddenly – to the stars.
(exaggeratedly, i.e:
Full height.)

Mentally: nice, nice.
– Time? Seventh.
At the cinema, or?.. –
Explosion – Home!


Brotherhood Tabornoye, –
That's where bicycles!
NA thunder head,
Sables naholo,

all the horrors
Words, who are waiting,
crumbling house –
Word: house.


Zabludshego balovnya
cry: home!
year-old child:
“Give” and “my”!

My brother in debauchery,
My shivering and heat,
So out of the house rush,
How do you – home!


knight, rvanuvshis hitching post –
up! – and the rope in the dust.
– But in fact no home!
– there is, – ten steps:

Home of the above. – Do not over?
– House on a hill.
Window under the roof.
– “Not from one of the dawn

HOT?” so all over again
A life? – The simplicity of the poems!
House, it means: from home
At night.
(ABOUT, whom I will tell of

my sorrow, my trouble,
eeriness, greener ice?..)
– You think too much. –
thoughtful: – Yes.


AND – embankment. Water
kept, as the thickness of the dense.
Semiramidiny gardens
Hanging – and so you!

Water (steel strip
shade mortuary)
kept, as sheet music sheet –
Singer, wall edge –

Blind… Back thou hast?
No? obliquely – hear?
Vseutolitelnitsy lusts
kept, as the edge of the roof

But not from the river
Shiver, – Birthday nayadoy!
rivers hold, both hands,
When a loved one near –

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