poem mountain

dearest, you wonder
the speech? All departing
talk like a drunken man and
happy to take the festive…


Shudder – and mountains with shoulder,
and soul – the mountain.
Let me sing of woe:
About my gope!

Black or this day, no further
Do not plug the holes.
Let me sing about gore
On top of the mountain.


That mountain was, as the breast
recruit, snaryadom svalennogo.
This mountain hotel wrinkles
virgin, wedding ceremony

Trebovala and mountain.
– The Ocean in the ear
Suddenly burst into cheers,!
This mountain and drove to war.

That mountain was, как гром!
Vain flirt with the Titans!
That mountain last house
Do you remember – the suburb?

That mountain was – worlds!
God of peace impose expensive!
Mount began with mountains.
That mountain was over the city.


not Parnassus, not Sinai –
Just the bare barracks
Hill. – Ravnyaysya! Shoot!
Why do my eyes
(Every October, but not May)
That mountain was – paradise?


At a glance filed
Paradise – do not touch, number burning!
Gore rushed pod legs
Koldobinami steeper.

How would paws titanium
Shrubs and coniferous –
Gore grabbed za floors,
I tell: stay!

ABOUT, It is not alphabetic
Paradise – drafts drafts!
Mountain valyl backwards us,
Prytyahyvala: lay down!

Flustered under pressure,
– how? Do not understand and this day!
forest, as a matchmaker – holiness,
specify: here…


Persephone grain pomegranate!
How to forget you in the cold winter?
I remember lips, double sink
parted my.

Persephone, grain zahublennaya!
Scarlet lips obstinate,
And thine eyelids – chipping,
And the stars of the golden tooth…


not cheating – passion, and non-fiction,
And do not lie, – not only length!
About ever in this world were we
commoners love!

About when the b, healthy and poprostu:
Just – Hill, simply – mound…
(they say – craving for gulf
Measured level mountains.)

The heaps of brown heather,
In the islands suffering hvoy…
(The height of delirium – above the level
– NA is me! yours…

But the family quiet grace,
But chicks babble – Alas!
Because in this world were we –
inhabitants of heaven love!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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  1. Lubov Nozdrachova

    “poem of the Mountain” Marina Tsvetaeva is a genius and the abyss: the poet's fate,
    misunderstood and not accepted by his contemporaries; bitter clot celestial mountains, fell into the abyss of madness. Everytime, reading this poem, I feel in a falling airplane flight…