My dear and eternal volunteer

…A goodwill
Everywhere – one!

dark cypresses!
The world is too funny.
It is but forget everything *.

– Ten years later, forget!
– Two hundred – remember!
(Lively conversation in the summer 1928 g. Second – I.)


– To avoid Czech!
– To avoid fever!
Someone: – source!
Someone: – alive

would Kolchak…
Perekop –

Our. Semivorstnaya corn
On the enemy's eyes.
The earth was dry, like salt,
It was dry, how dust.

Not the hoof, not the shovels
Knock: of backbone – crutch.
The earth was dry – as a warehouse,
Sensing the wick!

– Oh, how long? Oh, soon?
Nuda, nuda, nuda…
All vyaleno, it salty:
Earth, water, food.

yawn… fire intermittently…
By the end – by the end – by the end…
Chto you drank? chto eat you?
Kamsa! Kamsa! Kamsa!

I throw my son – decrepit Europe
(hero – is irrelevant):
– As my dad – on Perekopa
six weeks – hedgehogs eat!

tell the mother: – Evshemu – glory!
And do not eat, sweet, and ate.
Meanwhile hedgehogs – conscience seasoning.
And understand – nothing, that small!

ostochertevshie Lazor.
(Since it's the blind
…It was dry, like salt,
It was dry, как хлеб

the, nerazmochenny tear
ration: Kremlin gifts.
the land was – before the storm
How should the land be.

– It's no joke! In Nora!
After the cell-to!
chto we – moles, eh?
Susliki, eh?

There is life
In the locker,
And solonitsah
Conscience – соль!

unceasing – not only
sweat: get dry, as alcohol.
The earth was dry, as the stack,
It was dry, as a rick.

No leaf not proshelestit.
check box hanging, scourge.
The earth was dry, how Scythian,
who burn.

Spade. Boot.
gently? Kostyak.
kop – feather – cop.
So – feather – So.

bursting forehead.
Dry tank.
kop – feather – cop.
So – feather – So.

Reward you Trisvyat,
Khan's Val starodaven!
adhesives – Markov children,
A received – Armyansk.

Like the eye, planted in the eyebrow,
Vkos planted and hid.
(There perekapыvalas virgin soil,
ditch – byv.)

– The hell you, calf affectionate:
“all, all, all!”
in the sun – uchba soldier:
– at – goal: seven!

The hell with you (source, Not you, not you b!)
going – was – walking.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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