New Year

Happy New Year – light – edge – roof!
The first letter to you on the new
– Misunderstanding, that blighted –
(Zlačnom – masticatory) lingual site, location sound
As Aeolian empty tower.
The first letter to you yesterday,,
Where iznoyus without you,
Motherland, now one of
stars… Law of waste and rebound,
On which favorite lyuboyu
And nebyvsheyu of unprecedented.
Share, how about your learned?
not an earthquake, no avalanche.
The man went – any – (favourite –
You). – The deplorable events of.
– In the News and in the Days. – article will give?
– Where? – In the forest. (Window on spruce branch.
Sheet.) – Do not see the newspapers because?
so article? – Not. – But… – I beg to spare.
Aloud: difficult. inside: not hristoprodavec.
– In a sanatorium. (In Paradise wage.)
– Day? – yesterday, the day before yesterday, I do not remember.
In'll Alcazar? – Do not be.
Aloud: family. inside: all, but Judas.

Holiday greetings! (born tomorrow!) –
Share, that made, Learning about ..?
Shh… misspoke. habitually.
Life and death for a long time to receive quotes,
As known, the empty sploty.
I did nothing, but something
It makes, without shade and without echo
Now – both went?
As torn and ripped like –
A heart? How to Orlov trotters,
by hawk, He said, not lagging,
breathtaking – or forest?
sweeter? Neither heights to, nor descents,
On the eagles flew zapravski Russian –
Who. Blood bond we have with the light:
In Russia, I visited – the light on this
ripe. The adjusted rush!
Life and death utter with a sneer,
Hiding – its her kosneshsya!
Life and death utter with a footnote,
starlet (night, a cup of tea:
Instead of the cerebral hemispheres –
Not to forget, My friend,
the next: that if the letter
Russian instead of German went –
It is not because, what now, say,
everything will come down, that the dead (beggar) all eat –
not smorgnet! – but because the light,
Our, – thirteen, Novodevichy
I understood: not without- and All-Yazici.

So I ask not without sadness:
I do not ask, how in Russian
Nest?* The only one, and each slot
covering rhyme: stars.

I digress? But such things and
not found – aside from you.
every thought, any, Du Lieber **,
Syllable leads to you – about whatever was
sense (let Russian native German
To me, All Angelic family!) – as a place
Nest, without you, there is no: grave.
Everything as it was not and everything as it was,
– It is not about me at all? –
surroundings, Rainer, samochuvstvye?
strongly, without fail –
The first vision of the universe

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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