lyrical satire

CITY Hamelin

(Chapter one)

Old and daven city Hamelin,
word modest, rigorous work,
Faithful in little things, faithful in the main:
Hammeln – nice town!

At night, as the comet should be,
I slept without prosypu and completely.
read slender, clean meten,
Before sweetly like

– I do not go up and shot! –
At its mayor.

In the town of Hamelin cheap stitching:
Only one cut it.
In the town of Hamelin is cheap to live
And the die quietly.

Hryvennyk – tusha, five – jug
cream, mite – tvorog.
In the town of Hamelin, know, one
Only goods and roads:


(We ask grandparents:
roads: rare.)

No uncontrolled brides,
neither debtors, – and besides
beer – or thirst in the hearts. on weight
Gold or blood –

Sin. Half a century (fifty
Years old) in one bed
safely overslept, sleep
Farther. “together sweating,

together decayed”. Tyufyak, grass, –
what is the difference?

(God forbid me even five
Years on the same feather bed
Sleep! Better pug hiring bathe!)
Soul Lord accepted their.

and insights: What if they
There was no such?

Hands – hryvnia to levy a penny,
Legs – dolžok not added.
But, wise, for what – soul?
Not bad eh deep

– How zhardinьerka – hammock – clarinet –
In our everyday life – thing?

In the town of Hamelin – otpishi –
No odnogo clarinet.
In the town of Hamelin – our people.
But it is for the tela!

dense, durable. Bull, count for a pound,
Dozens standing shower.

A straightened – Georgina,
face downwards! should bow, Georgy!
Hamelin town citizen, –
This goes proudly.

Do not forget, shkolyarы: “behold
Hammeln – and to die!”

Jury, и Ruhrei, и Ruhr us not
an* (in dictionary: do not touch us!) –
Mixture. And why they have eyes
In the land? Firstly – modesty,

AND… thrift: I stared – Hunting
Button to the pants!

stop here, reader. – lying,
Author! Points you rub!
In this and when did Eldorado, and who else
buttons loses?

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