red bull

will play – light a candle:
With bones – Yes – a dimpled.
– Mama! What a funny dream!
Son is a! mammy!

On the right candles – wax drip…
Zámocká re – benochka!
– If me – red bull
On green grass chases!

not prolyvaysya,
tear salt!
Steer the – red!
grass wish – enaya!

rusty lock, impudent yawn
inscriptions: “no issue”.
– Here's a bull, here's horn!
Rodic, after iduchi.

liquid lip, sticky zhid
cemetery (mother:) – “garden”.
– Here's a bull… To live and to live…
Rodic, after glyadyuchi.

now one, tomorrow is another.
ball. loud silence.
Clay com, com throat.
On the right – crumpled handkerchief.

Sky? – how to – did not have! Only
Adjacent graves prutitsa.
That is my only weapon of shame in the land you see?
Or shame – tupishsya?

field pupil – field melancholy
has become.
weight anchor:
Similarly, they – they pyataki,
With which he took an oath

Sight. – Do not raise! – Feeling – understand!
Similarly, the door was pushed.
Do not forget the old mother
In hlynysche – by shtikolku.


To – conducted, i.e – passing – with hands
(Do not hand?) – Following!
– Here's a bull, here's meadow…
Rodic, Going backwards.

installing (simply sbiva!)
that man – clay has…
– of course! at what – bull?
Just rushed to the brain.


A long, a long, a long, a long
Way – three years on his feet!
Clay, clay, clay, clay
On the hiking boots.

“Houses”, “houses”, “houses”, “houses”,
That's when we take Moscow…
Don, Don, Don, Don
kissel, savory black earth.

Strip you of clay,
pastille ryabinova!
black currant!

Zıçen, zıçen, zıçen, zıçen
His ears – poplar, in the ears – nail.
Bull, bull, bull, bull
This nickname – Bolshevik.


“Unlucky!” – “drove!”
Not fight in lacquer!
Day and night in the mud
beetle-crusher chvakayut.

black earth – Chernow –
Sheptala figs!
Yes after boots
Hoof smacking?

Me and dirt on thin boots
Doroha! doroha! doroha!
– And I – bull! and I – horn! and I – fear!
on the horns! on the horns! on the horns!

I – turnpike,
the blood of field paint.
ornament – poppy,
ornament – bull,
Krasno – time our!

Turquoise –
vozdushki Spring!
Not out of malice –
on the horns –
And with the fun of the soul!

Heart – For coals.
– On – for – For coals.
– mammy??
– God be merciful!
red bull…
Markovtsev, work – nilovtsy…

A long, a long, a long, a long
Way. – Bandage on sleeve!
Clay, clay, clay, clay
On the heels of the French

biased toward, April 1928

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