Anastasia Tsvetaeva

He was our angel, It was our demon,
our governor – our wizard,
Our prince and knight. – He was to all of us
among people!

It was so much abound,
What I do not know, how to start!
We ardently loved –
One spring.

One of his call to Hall –
And we have covered the chills,
And madly flamed
Eyes and forehead.

And, as if moved roots
Hair, – about, this trembling and horror!
And the room was made more spacious,
And yzhe – chest.

I hand icy clash,
And we did not feel the legs.
– Seven times during the week
this type of call!


He's here. Our first and last!
And we owned the whole!
Already out of the front!
He's here, He's here!

He flies to us, like a bird,
And he flies into our network!
And just want to spin,
Shout and sing.


Jumping through three stages
Run up the steep ladder
In our attic – always spring
And gold.

Where an impossible mess –
Thunder broke exactly where
Over this pile of notebooks
Even with a pen.

Above this horde Street Organ,
Cardboard dolls and animals,
Poluobgryzannyh bagels,

indescribable boxes,
With things not just in taste,
Empty vials without traffic jams,
glass beads,

Whose dazzling clusters
flashy, new vivid clusters * –
Ringing entangle nails
For our hats.

sit down – look – we know – favorite,
And hearing, keeping an eye,
What for it himself ruin,
And he – about us.

Two horse fire and in a lather –
Here we! – caught, when not lazy! –
We're talking about, how to live

About tom, like running around the hall
Today, under the moon at night,
And what and how to say it
Then in a dream.

And how – and we are already in ecstasy! –
For our spirit nepokorymыy
The authorities of our two high schools
We have two drives.

How to never get married,
– And remain three! –
ABOUT, never marry,
Most die!

As life has long since we –
baize gambling: – vivat!**
for John – to heaven, by Don
Juan – forth from.


The mouth of the conspiracy of Etna –
His conspiracy mouth.
Mating tornado vortex and, retaliatory

Here and curse, and osanna,
Here, everything burns and burns.
About everything, that the world is inexpressibly,
He says.

Us – we thought – mortally wounding
Daggers green eyes,
Vzvivayas snake on the couch!..
ABOUT, how many times

Hissed angry cobra,

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