Lament for a rookie mother

Since you, battalions –
son porozhonny,
It was – re – zheny!

Since you're on a baby –
Novobrantsu –
tear rustic,

At that time vsporot
Life – few!
How you used, Egorok,
neither gave birth –

Few! My limbs!
Krov whose? Sol whose?
Few! small bunch:
More! More!

Khoshali used the whole city
Scheduled – alive!
How you used, Egorok,
neither lozhila –

In the land. largemouth,
The other – willow
Sweeps. people – hundredth,
And I – the first!

Folders, my juices,
Breha – through!
breasts dried up –
Eyes – chered!

Revie, dolgovlasa,
in armeytsu!
Mletsom otlilasya –
tear Leisya!


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Marina Tsvetaeva
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